Wazee Digital is a technology company giving rights holders to manage their content in new ways. The company’s cloud native digital asset management platform enables rights holders to forge and enrich their valuable content. Their solutions include video licensing and live event services that provide complete control over content so that assets reach their target audience around the world. The Core is the only media asset management solution built from the ground up to run in the cloud, and the only one to make live moments available immediately for global access such as publishing, syndication, advertising, and sponsorship.

With more than 10 years of experience in digital content licensing, rights, and clearances, Wazee Digital has long standing relationships with significant rights holders in the film, TV, and advertising industries, also
specializing in footage licensing, sports, news & entertainment, content management, content delivery, metadata management, live event management, media asset management, digital asset management, active archive, and cloud services. Many businesses rely on Wazee Digital for managing content that help fuel their business.

Overall Wazee Digital has a effective content licensing and asset management business. Wazee Digital has one of the most comprehensive operational platforms for monetization of digital media assets.