The faith of Muslim and Christian women prohibits their use of revealing clothes. Also, women who feel hesitant about going to the beach wearing bikini have the only option of wearing long shirts over tight leggings.  There is also UV protection to consider.  So, buying swimwear religious women for that safety your modesty and yet lets you enjoy swimming can prove to be the most complex thing.

Muslim and Christian Women look great in swimsuits that suit their bodies and so every wearer wants to understand their body type before purchase. However, one thing is that they fit into these categories such as hourglass, plus size, big or small on petite, long legs, short legs top, straight figure, or bottom-heavy.

Muslim and Christian Women notice it, but commonly build big mistakes of choosing the mistaken swimsuit. This happens as they are different in their body types, and the fact is that burkini or one-piece swimsuits do not fit everybody. The right swimsuit is the one that you purchase looking at the silhouette of your body.

Consider these tips before choosing:

  • Big on top

If you are big on top, have broad shoulders, busty look, narrow hips with a defined waistline, prefer wearing tops featuring underwire so that it offers additional support.

  • Small on top

If your bust line is smaller or have narrow shoulders, but wider hips, choose padded tops or wear the ruffles or big streamer enhancing the bust line.

  • Hourglass

These types of women can fit in all swimsuits and look immense in small and one-piece swimsuits that are brilliantly colored.

  • Plus Size

Having curvy or big breasts, large tummy and large hips imply that the finest swimsuits are that which conceal the flab and highlight the curves, such as v-neckline one-piece suits or tankinis.

  • Long legs and Short legs

Wear swimwear that emphasizes your hip and bust line, wear boy shorts or jewel designed tops, or skirted bikinis. Best swimsuits are with vertical stripes as it shows elongated legs. Avoid boy shorts and skirted bikinis.


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