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Lately there has been a an alarming amount of concerns using the US Dollar/CAD pair which has been moving with a good amount of trouble too. There have been an increasing amount commercial associations trading the pair and this has caused a huge number of dealers to predict their Forex broker and place trades in a number of distinct graphs. The amount of exchanges in this pair has been growing as of late, and has attracted a a number of foreign currency exchange traders to the table searching for some gains. Significant modifications and enhancements have lead to a bit of profit possible for currency exchange traders with technical indicators in combination with the basic events which are happening. Daytime traders specifically have been benefiting from the frequent stable shifts occurring here, and have been performing quite impressively.

The foreign exchange market, which is a decentralized platform is used all over the world in order to carry out currency trades. Usually, the international banks are involved in such transactions. These transactions or currency trades are intermediated by financial institutions, also known as banking institutions.

Types Of Banking Institutions:

There are three basic types of banking institutions that intermediate financial trades. These 3 types of institutions are as follows:

  • Depository- These banking institutions take or accept deposits from different agencies and other personnel. The task of managing these deposits is also performed by these depository institutions. Credit unions, mortgage loan companies, trust companies and other banks make deposits into these institutions. These institutions also make important loans.
  • Investment Institutions– These are banking institutions that make the required investments. They are usually well aware of the market statistics and carry out effective risk analysis. Investment banks and brokerage firms are common examples.
  • Contractual Institutions– These institutions are in charge of pensions, insurances and other related funds.